Fees for assessment services are $112 per session (50 minutes) plus GST. 


Fees for treatment services are $112 per session (50 minutes) plus GST.


Due to the high demands on our time, we  focus on providing direct intervention for our clients. I therefore do not routinely generate reports as this takes significant time in my schedule that can be better utilized providing direct assessment or treatment. All data is retained for all assessment and treatment activities. Generic reports are often filed under "G". However, there is a time and place for a well written, strategic, and targeted report. When this need arises we am happy to spend time writing a report. A well written report takes a minimum of 1 hour and up to 2 hours to write. The cost of report writing is billed at the rate of $112/hour.


Fees for offsite consultation services provided within Saskatoon city limits are $112 + GST per hour (pro-rated to 1/4 hour units after the initial hour). 

Consultation fees for services provided outside of Saskatoon city limits are $112 per hour + GST (prorated to 1/4 hour units after the initial hour) but may include travel time and/or expenses. 

Public Speaking, Seminars, Workshops

Fees for professional services in the areas of public speaking, seminars and workshops are $124 per hour + GST of presentation time. However, please contact me to discuss your needs and the type of speaking engagement your organization requires. I would be pleased to discuss your unique needs and provide a quote that may include travel, custom presentation development etc.