Welcome to online booking!  Here, you will be able to see my availability and easily book directly into my schedule. No need to call, text or email and ask for an appointment! You will also receive text and/or email reminders the day before your appointment. So fresh and so clean.  




New Clients Booking for First Time:

If you are a new client and would like to book an initial assessment, please drop me a line by email through the Contact/Hours/Location link above or phone prior to booking online. Let's have a little chat so I can advise on the best first step for assessment (i.e. depending on your child's situation, I may advise that we meet without your child initially or I may decide it makes sense to have your child attend). 

When booking, please fill out your CHILDS NAME in the online booking form, NOT your own. 

Current Clients:

If you are a current client and are booking online for the first time, please enter your CHILD'S NAME in the online booking form, NOT your own. 

The process in simple:

1. Click on a day in the calendar you would like to book an appointment. 

  • This will give you a list of available appointments that day. If I am fully booked, there will be no options available. Please choose another day. 
  • You will have an option of scheduling one appointment or a "recurring appointment". The recurring appointment function is for those who are on a long term treatment program where we have established a specific day and time that works. 

2. Fill in "Your Info". Please enter in the name of YOUR CHILD. Not your name. Please provide a cell phone number including the area code. This will be used for appointment confirmations via text. 

3. Last, you will be on the confirmation page where you can choose to import the booked appointments into a specific scheduling program you use (i.e. Google calendar, Apple iCal, Outlook etc.). 

If you are not comfortable with booking directly online, please contact me and I will be happy to help you book an appointment through me directly.  


Thank You. Book Away!