Pediatric Occupational Therapy Assessment combines the art of skilled observation and interaction with a child, interviews with their parent(s) and/or educator(s), and the science of standardized assessment. Due to the unique situation of each child, I believe there is no “one size fits all” assessment protocol. Each child’s assessment is therefore tailored to his or her unique needs. I strive to use the best available evidence with respect to standardized assessment and choose from a variety of protocols depending on the child’s needs. In some situations, I may choose to complete a standardized assessment at the initial consultation, or I may choose to conduct an in-depth standardized assessment at a later date. The assessment process is typically dynamic; I continually add information to the assessment picture over time as the child progresses through subsequent treatment (should this be required).

Initial assessments are 90 minutes in length, realizing that it may take several sessions to assess a child and make reasonable conclusions and treatment recommendations. This depends on the complexity of the situation and the unique characteristics that the child presents. In most cases, sufficient information is gathered to make recommendations about the next step. Should the child require more in-depth assessments after the initial assessment, this will be discussed with the parents. 

Assessment findings are shared verbally with the parent(s) and/or educator(s) after the initial assessment is complete and on an ongoing basis as the child progresses through treatment. Once the initial assessment process is complete, a written Occupational Therapy Assessment Summary Report can be provided upon request (at additional charge, see "Fees") outlining the assessment findings as well as treatment plan. All report requests (i.e. in-depth reports to support funding applications, treatment/behavioural strategies for use in the school setting etc) are billed at the hourly assessment rate.